Online Business Valuation (OBV) is the #1 purely market-based online business valuation software that is designed for the business owner, not a financial expert. It provides an excellent ballpark estimate of the value of your business in about 45 minutes! It helps you:

  • Understand how your business compares to your best performing peers
  • Showing you the opportunity to improve both the business’s strength and value
  • Raise new capital or get a loan
  • Restructure or sell all or part of your company
  • When you are considering acquiring another company
  • Plan a tax or exit strategy
  • Develop an estate plan
  • Determine business or life insurance value
  • Split business assets (including a divorce)

There are five main reasons to consider Online Business Valuation

  1. The ONLY system designed for Non-Financial Professionals
  2. EASIEST to use
  3. Uses purely MARKET-BASED Methodology
  4. MOST Comprehensive & Useful Reports
  5. BEST Professional Advice & Support

Plus, it is the Price Performance LEADER

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“I’ve used Online Business Valuation to value a bar, a restaurant, a manufacturer, a trucking company, and a land title company. My clients are both business owners and attorneys. I use it to value estates.”

“In just 45 minutes, a business owner gets a great general idea about what his business is worth”