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How do you stand out from your competitors, get more business and find the RIGHT leads?

You need a “hook” you can use to get your prospect’s attention and give you an introduction to land those high net-worth prospects who have more assets for you to manage.

Online Business Valuation is the #1 purely market-based online business valuation software that is designed for financial advisors, wealth managers, RIAs and other financial professionals to provide an excellent ballpark estimate of the value of your client’s business in about 45 minutes!

Knowing the value of a client’s business (what it is worth if sold) helps them understand their outstanding retirement balance needs.

In fact, how can you even calculate their retirement without it?

“I’ve used Online Business Valuation to value a bar, a restaurant, a manufacturer, a trucking company, and a land title company. My clients are both business owners and attorneys. I use it to value estates.”

“My Online Business Valuation subscription makes doing business valuations for my clients simple. If I need help, I just call ValuSource’s technical support staff and they answer all my questions.”

“My clients love the detailed report Online Business Valuation produces. Once they know the most probable selling price of their business, I can help them plan for their future.”

“Not only can I offer my clients an online, fast and easy way to value their business, I can prove the value by showing them how much other businesses in their industry have sold for.”

“Online Business Valuation is a great conversation starter and quickly differentiates me from other financial planners. Especially since I can offer it for FREE!”

“Using Online Business Valuation as the basis of establishing my client’s wealth and financial planning needs has substantially increased the success and profitability of my practice.”

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