Features & Benefits

Stand Out from Competitors

  • Open the door to working with business owners by offering them a service that most advisors don’t offer or understand.
  • Provide FREE value & performance reports. Help SMB Owners understand the value and performance of their business.
  • Improved credibility as a trusted advisor. Become business owners’ most trusted advisor by acting as the “quarterback” of the total planning team.
  • Develop long-term relationships. Helps develop client relationships that are “sticky” by not only improving Owners’ businesses but also their quality of life and stress levels.
  • Provide holistic planning. Help Business Owners with holistic planning by incorporating the value of their business into a coordinated personal and business financial program.

Proven Lead Machine

  • Attract & retain high-net-worth business owners. Helps build new business faster.
  • Instant door opener when you can offer a FREE ballpark business valuation (including a “Business Performance Score”) —helps to attract new clients.
  • Identify higher-net worth individuals. Targeting business owners means clients with higher income and assets.
  • Provide better financial planning. For many business owners, their business is their greatest asset. Knowing what their business is worth makes it easier to assess the owner’s overall financial needs.
  • Improve your reputation as a “trusted advisor.” Being able to more accurately estimate the current value of a client’s business using a ballpark business valuation (rather than simply taking the owner’s estimate at face value), is key to helping a client avoid a significant asset gap when they’re ready to retire (since most owners massively over-estimate their business’ value).
  • Close more business. Not only does a FREE valuation help attract clients, it also helps prove your value as an advisor…increasing credibility, while showing shortfalls that may exist in their current financial plan (including being under-insured) which can help you close more business.

Complete Marketing Kit

  • Everything needed to Generate New Leads.  Includes a complete marketing kit designed by one of the nation’s top marketing firms.
  • Contains proven lead generation approaches—helpful for all areas of your business.
  • Personalized Report. The option to personalize a client’s valuation report with a company logo.
  • A promotional video explaining the value of a ballpark valuation. It’s easy to send a video link to prospects to help generate a lead or use this in one-on-one meetings. There is also the option to create a personalized video.

Ballpark Valuation using only Purely Market-Based Methodology

  • Providing a ballpark valuation is easy, fast and provides a reasonable estimate of value—plus a “Business Performance Score.”
  • ValuSource invented the approach that combines actual business sales with other market-based factors to estimate a company’s value and business performance.
  • “Business Performance Score” determined by comparing their business to others that have sold in their industry with similar revenue and cash flow. If their business is in the healthy range–they’re fine. If not, they know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Uses and SHOWS Actual Business Sales. Shows actual business sales in the industry and provides a valuation grounded in real business sales data.
  • Requires Minimal Sensitive Data. It does not require detailed financials or other sensitive data that clients may want to keep secure. Plus, this saves time because you don’t have to spend time compiling everything.
  • Uses Eight (8) Market Methods. Uses and transparently shows all market-based methods including Basic Method, Asset Value, Capitalization, Critical Factor, Debt Capacity, Industry Method, Comparable Transactions, and Weighted Factors—ensuring the most complete market-based ballpark value of your client’s business.
  • Includes guided questions, produces easy-to-understand results and is designed for non-valuation professionals, making it easy to explain.

Cost Effective Lead System

  • Enhance existing promotions. Whether a direct mail, email or event campaign—it will be much easier to get business owners to respond with a unique and valuable FREE offer.
  • Unlimited Reports means the cost per report is very low so you can create marketing campaigns that are much broader and generate substantially more leads.
  • Marketing Support – Providing a free valuation only works if you can successfully market it—ValuSource provides the expertise and marketing collateral (emails, case studies, eBooks, videos, flyers, etc.) to get users started successfully marketing their free valuation service.