Following are frequently asked questions about Online Business Valuation:

Do I need valuation experience to use Online Business Valuation?

No.  Online Business Valuation requires no prior formal valuation experience.

What kind of report does Online Business Valuation produce?

Online Business Valuation produces a detailed market-based ballpark valuation report. It is based on industry comparisons and produces a reasonable estimate of what a business may sell for (perfect for financial and wealth planning)—anything else (for court, divorce, etc.) should use a fully detailed professional valuation.

Does Online Business Valuation incorporate comparable market data?

Yes.  Online Business Valuation automatically includes ValuSource Market Comps (formerly IBA Market Data) comparable sales transactions when you select the industry your client’s company is in.

What kind of support can I expect?

With your Online Business Valuation subscription, you have access to our technical support staff via email or phone. It is the ONLY staff that also includes professional valuators—so you can get both product and valuation help.

Can Online Business Valuation be used in court?

No.  Courts require a formal appraisal produced by a valuation professional.